An appreciation blog for Shane Acker's "9". Here you will find screenshots, gifs, clips, fanworks, and anything else pertaining to 9. Feel free to submit any works, or ask questions.
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Fanfiction: The Aging of Wine

I’ve got a new 9 request fic!

"Two takes a disgruntled Nine to comfort him with a bottle of wine leftover from the war. However, it is soon evident that Nine isn’t the only one who is distressed, and they both find a solution to their problems; each other."

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When a stitchpunk wants to write or draw they’ll often sharpen a pencil then snap the lead out to use.

~CrystalStitchpunk’s Mum

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's head cannon.
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We do have a head cannons blog..
Follow us? I’m an admin and we have three followers now it’s depressing

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"Animated movies are for kids."

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I have a human design for 7 - not in my DA gallery, but you’ve probably seen it if you frequent the 9 Forum - and I have a flesh-and-blood design for the Cat Beast. Using them to recreate what’s probably one of the most iconic shots in the film (iconic within the fandom, at least) seemed like a logical step.

I tried to take a photo of myself in that pose to get a reference for it on a human body rather than a stitchpunk one, but I failed because it’s really uncomfortable and I couldn’t hold it long enough to take the picture.

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Ayaka-Mun were watching 9 together, and it’s not my fault.  

My favorite shows are all either dark and gritty and scary, or bright and colorful and obnoxious.  There’s no in between. x

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